Our vision is simple: to create more and better jobs.

That means more businesses and bigger businesses and more jobs and investment for our region. Last year's North East Independent Economic Review estimates that we need to create more and better private sector jobs in the North East.  

The North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) brings together a talented and passionate team. I am confident it can really make a difference in achieving the ambitious goal set out above.  

The North East LEP is a business-led strategic vehicle committed to promoting and developing real economic growth in the North East. Critical to our success is the wider partnership – we cannot succeed without our business, public and voluntary sector partners. 

What is already clear in the two years we have been in existence, is that North East LEP is very different from anything that’s gone before: our role is about influencing, rather than delivering. We aren’t another regional development agency. We are taking a strategic lead in the regional economy and taking positive action in any way that we can. 

We are focusing on boosting and sustaining a fast growing regional economy.   

When we were first established (2011), we identified four strategic priorities, and these continue to guide our work:

  • Supporting enterprise and private sector business growth.
  • Building on key economic strengths.
  • Improving skills and performance.
  • Strengthening transport, connectivity and infrastructure. 

To continue making a difference, we need to focus on our strengths and really work together for the benefit of the region. Let’s face it - we’ve all got an interest in the prosperity and vibrancy of the North East - and the rewards will be amazing.

Paul Woolston, Chair

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