Enterprise Zone sites available April 2017

Round two

Enterprise Zone sites available April 2017

In the Autumn Statement 2015 a further 10 Enterprise Zone sites were announced in the North East LEP area. Building on the success of the round one sites our additional locations unlock new areas with growth potential in making, trading and innovating.

These sites are located across the LEP area with each providing specific advantages in location and focus. More details are available on a site-by-site basis. We are working with the individual sites to consider investment required to bring forward these sites with a view to enabling businesses to locate on the sites as soon as possible.

EZ logoRamparts Business Park, Berwick

6.6ha site providing 27,981m2 of new floor space
Business Rate Discount

Expanding on the existing Ramparts Business Park the site will improve the provision of business premises in Berwick. This will particularly focus on improving the quality of manufacturing and industrial premises building on these existing economic strengths in Berwick. The site is well located mid-way between Newcastle and Edinburgh close to the A1 and Berwick railway station.

EZ logoFairmoor, Morpeth
9.23ha site providing 29,600m2 of new floor space
Business Rate Discount

Fairmoor is a greenfield development site linked to wider economic development in northern Morpeth. The site will benefit from additional road investment to further open up the site which is already well located on a junction for the A1. The site is intended to support knowledge intensive growth drawing on the high-skilled population of Morpeth and the surrounding area by developing an innovation park with new office, light industrial and incubator premises.

EZ logoFollingsby Business Park, Gateshead
28ha site providing 122,000m2 of new floor space
Business Rate Discount

Well sited on the A19, the Enterprise Zone site builds on the existing Follingsby site, significantly increasing the site available. The site links closely to wider activities on the A19 corridor and will provide logistics, distribution and industrial space. It will support particular growth in distribution and logistics due to location along main transport corridors.

EZ logoNorth Bank of the Tyne extension
2.79ha site providing 22,320m2 of new floor space
Enhanced Capital Allowance

This extension to the existing successful Enterprise Zone along the north bank of the River Tyne will continue to support additional businesses with a focus on maritime engineering, oil and gas. Located on the former Swan Hunter and Neptune shipping yards the existing sites support key sectors, this will provide more opportunity for further growth, including larger units.

EZ logoHolborn Riverside, South Shields
11.62ha site providing 46,460m2 of new floor space
Site 1 Business Rate Discount, / Site 2 Enhanced Capital Allowance

This development at the mouth of the River Tyne comprises two distinct sites playing complementary roles making the most of the riverfront location. The first site will provide larger floorplate Grade A office development which will address a local gap. The second site will complement the long-standing marine expertise in the area by providing new enhance high-quality manufacturing space with a focus on offshore energy and marine sectors making the most of the 580m river front and quays.

EZ logoNewcastle International Airport Business Park, Newcastle
41.7ha site providing 95,250m2 of new floor space
Business Rate Discount

This multi-phased site will provide significant new capacity next to the growing Newcastle International Airport. The initial phase of development will provide high quality office space targeted at businesses which will benefit from the proximity to national and international connectivity provided by the airport and more locally through the metro system and A1. Further sites will similarly support business growth with a premium on connectivity including logistics and warehousing.

EZ logoAshwood Business Park, Ashington
16.13ha site providing 64,500m2 of new floor space
Enhanced Capital Allowance

Capitalising on the success of Ashwood in attracting major pharmaceutical and manufacturing firms to the area, Ashwood Enterprise Zone site is a large location focused on pharmaceuticals and mixed manufacturing linked to the strengths shown in the local economy. The site already boasts high-profile and international businesses located on key north-south road connections and planned improvements to east-west connectivity.

EZ logoPort of Sunderland, Sunderland
8.3ha site providing 49,930m2 of new floor space
Enhanced Capital Allowance

The Port of Sunderland has ambitious growth plans to make the most of its location at the mouth of the River Wear and direct access to the North Sea as well as integrated modal shift with a reinstated rail head and strong road connectivity. The site development will focus on manufacturing, storage and distribution particularly for offshore energy, marine industries such as cabling and export focused sectors which make the most of the location of the port.

EZ logoInternational Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP)
25ha site providing 62,700m2 of new floor space
Enhanced Capital Allowance

As part of the nationally significant International Advanced Manufacturing Park development this site will bring forward major industrial and manufacturing space and facilities. This will specifically support development of businesses operating in the low carbon and automotive/passenger vehicle areas as well as wider potential for logistics, energy and offshore manufacturing linked to local economic strengths.

EZ logoHawthorn Prestige Business Park, Murton
26ha site providing 68,248m2 of new floor space
Business Rate Discount

The Hawthorn Prestige Business Park is a ready for development site located close to the A19. The site will focus on linkages to local clusters of automotive, high-value engineering and low carbon energy and technologies businesses providing an opportunity for large-plate developments.