Improving Skills

The right training for the right jobs

Improving skills in the North East workforce is fundamental to our economic future, underpinning our aim of driving an uplift of 100,000 jobs by 2024, and ensuring that the majority are ‘better’ jobs. The changing structure of the economy requires an effective response from early years to higher education. Challenges include:

  • Strengthening the response to current demand for skills in key areas of the labour market, including engineering, computing, transport and health
  • Future of the labour market as the population and the structure of the economy changes by delivering and renewing transferable skills for young people and people in employment
  • Supporting our residents to access opportunities in the changing economy and securing skills we need from outside the region.

Our programme of activities responds to these challenges, and focuses on five areas:

North East Ambition

A programme of activity centred around the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks, currently being piloted, will ensure that all schools and colleges in the region are achieving the Benchmarks by 2024 and making use of the full range of information, advice and guidance (IAG) services and activities available.

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Excelling in technical and professional education

We will work with providers and education establishments to develop the capacity and facilities to provide world class academic, technical and professional education, apprenticeships and higher level apprenticeships in all growing areas of our economy. This will not only help ensure those entering the labour market have the right skills to thrive but also help ensure we retain talent in the region.

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Higher education

We will work in partnership with the area’s four universities, colleges and businesses to support economic growth and to ensure we have job ready graduates with the skills needed, and high quality employment opportunities for them.

Education challenge

To reduce the gap between our best and lowest performing schools and to target that all schools in the North East achieve ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ OFSTED rating.

50+ workforce – retrain, regain, retain

We will reduce inactivity levels in our 50+ workforce by helping older workers to develop their skills and make in-work transitions as the labour market changes, aiming to support them to stay active in the labour force or in other productive roles.

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