North East Education Challenge

Engaging with our future workforce

The North East has topped the national GCSE league table since 2008, however, not all of our schools perform at this top level.

We are therefore leading the North East Education Challenge, which is a pragmatic endeavour to raise educational attainment for all North East young people.

Understanding that young people today are the employees of the future, the Education Challenge has the single-minded drive to increase the skills of school leavers in the North East.

We are working in partnership with schools, businesses, head teachers, training academies and the Department for Education to design an Education Challenge that will:

  • Abolish illiteracy and innumeracy at primary school level
  • Close the attainment gap within schools
  • Increase the number of young people progressing onto higher education and advanced apprenticeships.

It will also create stronger collaboration between education institutions and businesses – ensuring the future needs of business are an integral part of the North East education system.

If you’d like to read about how the Education Challenge is integrated into our Economic Plan for the North East, you can do that here.

Or you can find out more by contacting one of our Skills Experts here.

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