Creating competitive advantage through innovation.

Our innovation priorities are about matching what’s needed with what’s possible – to create, progress and deliver economic value and social development.

Innovation is central to our ambition for ‘more and better jobs’ and is at the heart of ensuring a more competitive and embedded business base. Through our innovation programme we aim to take our place as a leading innovation hot spot in Europe, delivering business growth through new products, processes, markets and technologies and embedding cross-sector learning through open innovation system.
This approach is clearly set out in the Strategic Economic Plan which established a clear, evidence-based vision for our Innovation Programme. This shared strategic approach has informed the development of our innovation work plan which seeks to support and enable projects to come forward which catalyse and enhance partners work to established the required ecosystem and facilitate innovation-led growth.

Supported by the Innovation Board, which brings together local and national innovation expertise and know-how, our programme is built around supporting two key strands:
• Enabling the benefits of open innovation to drive business and employment growth, in particular through access to finance, business support, skills and incubator systems
• Supporting our most promising growth sectors, our areas of Smart Specialisation where the combination of research capacity, business presence and environment and infrastructure results in genuine advance.

If you would like any further information on our programme or to discuss any element of it please contact James Davies on telephone number (0191) 338 7430 or email: [email protected]

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