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About the North East LEP

We are responsible for driving the delivery of the Economic Plan.

The North East’s Strategic Economic Plan is a comprehensive document detailing how our local economic ambition can, and will, grow in the coming years.

The Economic Plan is for the North East – its businesses and its people. It’s been tailored in such a way as to encourage innovative involvement and local inclusion and draws upon support and guidance from partners and local businesses.

The Economic Plan details how we will work together with partners, businesses and communities in an innovative, pro-active and cohesive way, to allow them to implement the Plan’s ambitions.

It’s been created with the North East of England firmly in mind, meaning its recommendations are evidenced, grounded, measurable and achievable.

You can read our Economic Plan here or view our infographic that sets out our work.

Our Business Plan sets out our delivery priorities between April 2016 and March 2017.

Read our Annual Review, detailing our progress and achievements.

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You can find a list of all our publications here.