North East Local Enterprise Partnership

Delivering more and better jobs


100,000 new jobs

We work with partners with the aim of helping North East businesses to add 100,000 new jobs to the North East economy by 2024.


70% better jobs

We want more, better quality jobs including managerial, senior, professional and technical jobs for the North East.


Focus areas

We work with our partners to focus on six specific programmes of activity, and bring in funding, to deliver the plan.

What's the plan?

We are working with partners to develop a more competitive economy for the North East, helping to create more and better jobs for everyone.

Latest news

What are we doing?

We’re funding many key projects with partners across our six focus areas.

Our programme of work and funds are focused on six specific areas of activity to successfully deliver the plan.


Business growth and access to finance


Employability and inclusion

Economic assets and infrastructure

Transport and connectivity


How are we doing?

We are on track to meet our target of adding 100,000 more and better jobs to the North East economy by 2024.


North East England works

A great place to live, learn and do business.

Strategically located between Scotland and the wider northern economy, the North East is well connected to the rest of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world by rail, sea and air.

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