Focus areas

The areas of activity and funding programme we're delivering to support the improvement of our regional economy

A plan for success

In the Strategic Economic Plan we outline specific interventions needed to take place to bolster the North East’s economy, creating more and better jobs. These activities are driven forward by our executive teams who work closely with partners to agreed objectives. The programmes of activity that we are focused on delivering are:


Matching what’s needed with what’s possible to deliver economic value and social development.

Business growth and access to finance

Increasing the density of high growth businesses in the North East.


Growing aspirations and access to jobs for people at all stages of their lives in the North East.

Employability and inclusion

Strengthening the employment rate to sustain economic growth.

Economic assets and infrastructure

Developing critical assets and infrastructure to support growth.

Transport and connectivity

Improving travel for people, goods and services.

Our Projects

We’re funding many key projects with partners across the six focus areas.

View all our live projects in the North East here