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Delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

European Structural and Investment Funds


The 2014-2020 European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) will inject more than £437m into the North East. Although the funds are held by Government, we play an important role to ensure these funds are used to deliver both the European goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and support our Strategic Economic Plan

We have worked with a wide range of partners to produce a European Structural and Investment Funds Strategy and Strategy Summary.

We are a member of the ESIF committee – a group of regional stakeholders who provide support and guidance to Government about the allocation of European Funding in the North East. You can find the minutes and membership of the ESIF Committee here.

The European Strategy reflects the priorities of our SEP through:

  • Supporting our businesses to be stronger and providing better access to finance
  • Encouraging innovation and investment in new markets and technologies
  • Driving a demand-led skills system, reflecting the needs of employers
  • Accelerating low carbon growth and improving the resilience of local businesses
  • Targeted support for those facing challenges in accessing training and employment
  • Developing local infrastructure assets to support businesses investing in the area.

Each Local Authority has specialists who can support businesses with European project development. You can find contact details for these specialists below.

ESF application support

County DurhamDurham County Council [email protected]
GatesheadKatie Atkinson [email protected]
NewcastleKerry Corbett [email protected]
North TynesideBev Oakley [email protected]
NorthumberlandElaine Maylin [email protected]
Heather Smith [email protected]
South TynesideHelen Armstrong [email protected]
SunderlandTim Hakim [email protected]
James Garland [email protected]

ERDF application support

Durham County CouncilDurham County Council [email protected]
Gateshead CouncilKatie Atkinson [email protected]
Newcastle City CouncilClaire Prospert [email protected]
North Tyneside CouncilJudith Nunn [email protected]
Northumberland County CouncilCarol Johns-McLeod [email protected]
South Tyneside CouncilHelen Armstrong [email protected]
Sunderland City CouncilJames Garland [email protected]

Low carbon and climate change strategies

Durham County CouncilStephen McDonald [email protected]
Maggie Bosanquet [email protected]
Gateshead CouncilJim Gillon [email protected]
Newcastle City CouncilAdrian Mcloughlin [email protected]
North Tyneside CouncilMichael Keenlyside [email protected]
Northumberland County CouncilHeather Smith [email protected]
South Tyneside CouncilStephen Calvert [email protected]
Sunderland City CouncilDianne Pattison[email protected]

Open applications

The European Structural and Investment Fund (ESIF) open up the funds for applications at key points within the programme. Find out more about the current European Funding opportunities here.

Current funding opportunities

Details of the opportunities that organisations can apply for with the funds that we manage, support or promote can be found on the funding page.


What funding has the LEP secured for the North East?

We have secured resources for the North East in different ways. We oversaw the development of  successful regional programme proposals to the UK Government to secure three rounds of Regional Growth Fund and Local Growth Fund investment. We prepared the strategy for European Strategic and Investment Funds and have used our resources to develop projects which lever significant additional resources for the North East.

With partners, we have prepared successful proposals for the 21 Enterprise Zone sites which have secured government tax benefits for investor business and will deliver a rolling investment fund over time. We have also secured resources from other sources for specific projects aiming to take forward aspects of the SEP, for example the Gatsby Foundation have resourced the regional project to improve careers advice and support and Horizon 2020 funding was secured to develop our engagement with European innovation platforms.

Where can I find out more information about projects that the LEP has funded?

All of the projects that the North East LEP is currently funding can be found on our projects page.

Want to find out more about projects that the LEP has funded?

View our projects listing now